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Why We Do College Planning?

Because we love it…

Because we want to see you reach your goals...

We were lucky to fall into college planning after several Peachtree Financial Group clients expressed frustration over the admissions process and asked us how we would recommend saving on college costs.

Our calling to college planning was solidified when Stuart ran into his high school guidance counselor from Georgetown Prep, Mike Horsey, in Washington, DC. Horsey told us that we had the perfect opportunity to make a huge difference for our clients if we learned how to navigate the college admissions process.

So for the last decade, we’ve been using our 20+ combined years of college financial planning expertise, along with our 10+ years of college admissions knowledge to help families save on the cost of their student’s dream college.

Peachtree’s college planning program gives families a team of specialists to cover every area of the higher education process: Selecting schools, developing applications, finding career pathways, increasing test scores, building great essays, and creating a plan to pay all of the costs...down to the very last penny.

With the Peachtree Dream Builder 100% money back guarantee and a cost less than that of hiring a local college admissions counselor, how can you go wrong?

We recognize the pressure on both parents and students during this season, and you don’t have to struggle through this important time alone.

Our specialized services, resources, and expertise can relieve stress on your family in major ways.

You want this time to be stress-free, hassle-free and a great launching point.

Don’t go it alone.

– Stuart Canzeri





We follow and support the tenets of the NACAC (National Association of College Admission Counselors) and comply with the Statement of Principles of Good Practices (SPGP). You can be assured you are getting the best advice and all the options for finding the right school for your students.

Meet the Team


Co-Founder and Managing Partner

Stuart Canzeri is the managing partner of Peachtree College Planning and has been in the college planning game for over a decade. As both a financial and college expert, he can provide you with the information you need to make the best decisions for both you and your student.


Director of Business Development

Dawn Patterson has been with Peachtree College Planning since the beginning of the firm. As an avid college planning advocate, she will help guide you in the right direction for success. Dawn is the Director and Relationship Manager for both Peachtree College Planning and Peachtree Financial Group, our firm that serves as a fiduciary for clients.

Debbie Porcher

High School Relationship Liaison

Debbie Porcher currently works in business development and joined the Peachtree College Planning team in 2018 as our High School Relationship Liaison. She earned a BS in marketing from Clemson University and has sales experience at The Ritz Carlton, NCR, and Aetna. Debbie also has hands-on experience in the education world, serving on several school boards, sending three children to college, and raising successful children with learning disabilities.


Contributor Partner Admissions

Fitz is the Founder of Find The Right College. He has worked in admissions at Vanderbilt, Duke Law and St. Lawrence. He spent 16 years in enrollment marketing and consulting at EAB-Royall. There he served as the Principal for Client Leadership. He led teams that partnered with more than 100 Chief Enrollment Officers from a wide range of colleges and universities. As a contributing partner to Peachtree College Planning, he uses his experiences to share an insider's knowledge in admissions and financial aid. 

Learn Why Our Process is Right For Your Family


We help busy parents decrease family feuds over college tuition, save the inheritance and get those kids out of the house so they can finally live a peaceful quiet life after all those years


Check what our clients say about us

"I have got to tell you about the good people at Peachtree College Planning! They are the most wonderfully kind, patient and knowledgeable group of people. With them, you get a twofold plan which includes the college planning part and the financial part. The college application process has changed immensely since I was in school and I am relieved and thankful to have the Peachtree College Planning team looking out for me and my kids during this exciting and nerve wracking time….I highly recommend them!"

Michelle H.

Happy Parent

"We’ve met with a lot of independent college counselors and reviewed their programs. When our son was a junior we met Stuart and decided to use Peachtree College Planning. Three years later our son is still happy at his chosen college, and we are exactly on track with the “Plan to Pay” that Stuart helped us create. I’m 100% certain that the ‘plan to pay’ creation alone paid for the investment we made in the service. Since then they’ve grown their team and expanded their services. I can highly recommend Peachtree College Planning."

Peggy T.

Happy Parent