We Help Your Students Select Their Dream Colleges, Get In and Get Free Money So You Can Retire Better.

By following Peachtree College Planning’s College Dream Builder Process, your student will find the best fitting schools and will save time, money and have no regrets.

You will have a trusted advisor to guide you as well.


For almost a decade, we have been providing college admissions and college funding plans to help a family achieve their college selection and funding goals.

Whether you are working with your an independent college advisor, your high school counselor or need it all.


We have a plan that is right for you.

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Learn Why This Process is Right For Your Family

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During Peachtree’s College Dream Builder Process, your family will have all the college admissions tools, resources, personalized assistance, and strategies to find your student’s dream college, get admitted and save on the costs.

Our 15 years of admissions experience, our decade old college savings process, and 100% money back guarantee is the difference between us and everyone else.

So many folks just use an admissions counselor and forget about the cost until it is too late.

By combining the admissions with the financial side, you can have the best of both worlds.

Admissions counselors do not have the 17 years of financial experience to complete your college planning process and get your ideal results.

They might find you the right school but have no ability to save on the costs.  We Do!

We take a team approach, based on years of research and results, creating the best outcome for your student and finances.

For the last decade, we have been getting students into their dream colleges and saving on average $27,530 to $87,948 (sometimes much more) on a four year program.

Let us show you how!

I have got to tell you about the good people at Peachtree College Planning! They are the most wonderfully kind, patient and knowledgeable group of people.
With them, you get a twofold plan which includes the college planning part and the financial part.
The college application process has changed immensely since I was in school and I am relieved and thankful to have the Peachtree College Planning team looking out for me and my kids during this exciting and nerve wracking time….

I highly recommend them!

Michelle H.

We make it easy for you and your student.

Study = Success!

College Admissions Coach

Your experienced college admissions counselor to guide your student.


Maximize Merit Aid And Financial Aid Planning

Get the most FREE money and do not overpay on college.


Timelines and Checklists

Know your deadlines so nothing gets missed in the process.


Career Assessments

Begin with the end in mind and find the right major.


College Funding Plan

Have the best plan to pay and preserve your retirement.


College Selection

Build the perfect college list.


FAFSA and Financial Aid Filing

Mistakes can cost you, leave the hassle to us.


Aid Awards Reviews & Appeals

Don’t leave money on the table and make sure you get the best offers.


Essay And Application Help

 Personalized attention for submitting the best application.

We’ve met with a lot of independent college counselors and reviewed their programs.
When our son was a junior we met Stuart and decided to use Peachtree College Planning.
Three years later our son is still happy at his chosen college, and we are exactly on track with the “Plan to Pay” that Stuart helped us create. I’m 100% certain that the ‘plan to pay’ creation alone paid for the investment we made in the service.
Since then they’ve grown their team and expanded their services.
I can highly recommend Peachtree College Planning.


Peggy T. 

The Facts:

$37,000 is the average student loan debt.

Only 33% of students graduate in 4 years.

$62,457 is the cost of an additional year of college.


Let us guide you to success.

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