College Planning Simplified for You (In Under an Hour)

Effective college planning can be boiled down to four key cornerstones that the advisors don’t tell you.

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With Stuart Canzeri

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Now that you have taken your FREE College Money Report™, you’ve received critical pieces of information about your personal college funding and application journey...

  • customized financial aid strategy to get the most free money possible for college, regardless of your income 
  • How schools are going to look at your specific situation and decide what they think you can afford
  • An assessment of your student’s eligibility for grants or merit scholarships at the actual schools you’re considering
  • Both the one-year net cost and the four-year net cost of said schools
  • Recommendations for the most affordable colleges that are likely to give you the  most aid 

But, how do you start applying this information to your college funding plan?

Watch this rundown of “College Planning 101” to simplify the complicated college planning journey.

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Select the schools that you and your student are considering and receive real, actionable strategies for:

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  • Calculating your one-year and four-year net cost of college
  • Selecting the colleges that will award you the most aid