3 College Deadlines You Should Know

3 College Deadlines You Should Know

A huge mistake people make in the college application process is missing deadlines. With this in mind, it is important that families understand their student’s timelines. Students need time to craft essays, study for exams, get good grades, volunteer, and–let’s face it–do a whole ton of other stuff. If a students waits until their Senior year to plan, they will be stressed and unprepared for the entire process.

1) Admissions

First are admissions deadlines. Whether it is early action, early decision, or regular admissions, knowing these are essential if you want to get in to your school of choice. Why? Because a college’s admissions office doesn’t have time to mess around. They themselves are on strict deadlines. Apply earlier will also allow your child the opportunity to be fully considered for admittance. Once applications come pouring in counselors can’t devote as much time to each one.

2) Financial Aid

Second are financial aid form deadlines. Most people don’t realize that there are multiple forms depending on your family situation and the schools to which you are applying.  As seasoned advisors, we have seen this mistake cost families thousands in both financial and merit money. Many colleges and universities require forms as early as November 1st of the senior year. Every school requires FAFSA for financial aid, but nearly 800 schools now require the FAP (Financial Aid Profile) which requires more information. There are no second chances for financial aid packages, so you must know these dates.

3) Scholarships

Some students rely entirely on scholarships to pay for college. Which works for certain families’ financial situations. Scholarships can really do a lot. But, you need to get in line. There are tons of other student who really need that money too. But, don’t worry–there are plenty of scholarships. They can range from academics, to volunteering, to an activity your student enjoys. Just make sure you know the deadlines for scholarships you’re interested in.


Our college planning team at Peachtree hopes you learned a little something from this blog post. If you’re just starting the application process and want even more information, register for a workshop! You can learn more about the process of applying to school and meet members of our team.

About the author 

Stuart Canzeri

Stuart Canzeri is a well-respected professional in the world of college funding and financial planning. He's known as the "College Financial Guy" on the internet, where he's helped countless families save significant money on college costs. With more than 20 years of experience in the field, he's become an expert in investment, tax planning, and overall financial management.

Stuart has a strong educational background, which includes a Bachelor of Arts degree from Tulane University, and a Master of Business Administration degree from Mercer University. These credentials allow him to effectively work with various clients, including business owners and corporate executives.


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