Your 6 Step College Plan

The college plan is a very important process to lay out in detail. Sometimes, families can feel overwhelmed or stressed out by all the information, the forms, the applications, the deadlines, and [...]


How much does college cost?

Many people ask me: “How much does college cost?” Before providing a number, I am reminded of the families who have saved thousands using the college success plan and those whom [...]


Tips for Choosing a College Planner

Before you can identify a solution, you must realize you have a problem. The same is true when aiming to fulfill your child’s college dreams. A lot of families in the college application process [...]


Free Money for College

One of my favorite and memorable speaking opportunities in the last 10 years was to  200 families at the AtlantaCares STEM event at Georgia Tech.  Our topic was how to get free money for college. [...]