How To Nail The College Essay

We will take your student from start to finish in 3 sessions with an elite school college admissions officer

The pandemic has made your student's college essay more important than ever.  Most students don't have a proven model to get their essay to stand out, get read, and deliver a successful message.

Most students don't know where to start, parents don't know how to encourage, and everyone wonders what to say.  We can change that for you.

The Team at Find the Right College will take your student from start to finish in 3 sessions.  Imagine having your student done with their essay before Labor Day.

Submitting your applications earlier increases your chance for admission.  Don't let an unfinished essay keep your student from their dreams. 

We were able to get a discounted price of only $399. They will teach and review your student's essay personally.

Get Expert Advice
Produce Your Best College Essay
Increase Your Chances for Admission


Founder, Find the Right College
Former Vanderbilt Admissions Officer

Founder, Find the Right College
Former Vanderbilt Admissions Officer

With changes in the college admissions, the college essay is more important than ever and that is why we offering our updated college essay class this year.  

As admission office insiders, we know expert advice makes a huge impact on the strength of your college essay.

Submitting your best essay is more critical than ever, because the Pandemic has required colleges to shift to test optional admissions.  Adding to this, many student's could not strengthen or participate in their extra curriculars last year.  

Both these changes mean colleges will pay even more attention to your student's essay.

Don’t you want to do everything you can to produce a winning essay?

Don’t miss out on your dream college by submitting a weak essay.

The problem: How will your student get noticed when applying to college, will they stand out in a positive way or will they become yet another rejected candidate.

In less than a three weeks, we will help your student produce their best essay increasing their chance to get noticed in the admission office.  

Our well-proven and unique "teach, do and review" process has created successful candidates at leading institutions across the country.

Further it has helped families save time and frustration during this stressful season.  This makes a huge difference in your student's ability to manage the demanding timelines of their senior year while also creating better opportunities for their future.

By getting a head start, your student can increase their chances for admissions by applying earlier in the admissions cycle.

Here’s What the Essay Writing Workshop Looks Like...

Week 1 Session

Learn your student's potential winning college essay strategies with an admission insider 

Week 2 Session

We will guide your student toward their best essay and hold them accountable to completing critical steps

Week 3 Session

Expert advice and personal feedback on final essay

The 2 most common questions people ask about the Essay Writing Workshop are:

1. Is it right for me?

Yes, for most families with rising seniors bound for college it is a great fit.

There are no “hard and fast” rules for who will most be successful in the program. That said, I’ve found people who can check off these boxes tend to get the best results:

  • Nervous about applying to college
  • Willing to take advice from an expert
  • Ready to get ahead in the college admission process

As with anything, students who get started earlier are better positioned for success.

2. What’s your investment?

With parents it is a commitment of money and for your student a commitment of time.

You have already invested some much time, energy and money to get your student to this point.  Why risk that on not completing the last step properly.

We will make it easy for you.  Find the Right College will make this available to 20 families for $399 and after that will go back to their national price of $799.

We hope you will join us and take advantage of this offer.


“I never thought it would be easy to get my essay done this fast.”

Rohan M.

Rising Senior from Atlanta

Take the first step toward your student's essay success today.

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