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Thank you for contacting Peachtree College Planning for your college planning needs. Below we have curated a list of websites that will help with your college planning. These websites are designed to help with questions surrounding financial aid, scholarships, international status, FAFSA, and the state of Georgia University system.

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View our curated resources below.

Outside Scholarship

State of Georgia University System

Federal Aid, FAFSA Form, International Student

Peachtree College Planning - Parent Class

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Watch this quick video which will answer some of your college admission questions.

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Sign up to the workshop "5 Biggest Mistakes too many Families Make in Selecting a College.

A lot rides on the college decision process

The wrong decision could result in…

  • Unnecessary student debt
  • Unhappy student
  • Uncertain career options 

Make sure you do everything you can

to find the right college.

Choosing the ‘right college’ means understanding the ‘right F.A.C.T.S.!’


I have got to tell you about the good people at Peachtree College Planning! They are the most wonderfully kind, patient and knowledgeable group of people. With them, you get a twofold plan which includes the college planning part and the financial part. The college application process has changed immensely since I was in school and I am relieved and thankful to have the Peachtree College Planning team looking out for me and my kids during this exciting and nerve wracking time….I highly recommend them!

Michelle H.

We’ve met with a lot of independent college counselors and reviewed their programs. When our son was a junior we met Stuart and decided to use Peachtree College Planning. Three years later our son is still happy at his chosen college, and we are exactly on track with the “Plan to Pay” that Stuart helped us create. I’m 100% certain that the ‘plan to pay’ creation alone paid for the investment we made in the service. Since then they’ve grown their team and expanded their services. I can highly recommend Peachtree College Planning.

Peggy T.

Through our student and family positioning process, you will learn that you can save money sending your child to the college of their dreams WITHOUT:

  • Impacting your retirement
  • Spending thousands of dollars on the wrong college 
  • Accumulating student debt
  • Getting caught up in family feuds over this decision

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