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January 2018 Newsletter

January Newsletter 2018

Newsletter Topics

  • Helping Your Child Succeed – an article especially for parents, highlighting five ways that parents can help their children succeed in both school and life.
  • Majoring in Neuroscience – this rapidly expanding field offers a myriad of job opportunities for future graduates.  The skills gained through a neuroscience major are widely applicable to a variety of fields.  Check this out!
  • Trends in Student Loans –  You’ve probably seen the headlines suggesting that debt for college students is out of control and getting worse.  But, is it really?   
  • Searching for Performing Arts Colleges – A free, searchable resource from the publishers of Playbill Magazine.
  • After Your Applications Have Been SubmittedSeniors who have completed the college application process are feeling pretty good about this time.  But you still have things to do.

December Newsletter 2017

Newsletter Topics

November Newsletter 2017

Newsletter Topics

  • Big Fish or Little Fish?  – Deciding if you’ll be better suited to being a big fish in a small pond or a small fish in a big pond is an important part of finding a college that will be the best match for you.
  • Majoring in Actuarial Science  – When it comes to pay, job satisfaction, and employability, actuaries have one of the best careers available.
  • Net Price Calculators – Get an early estimate of your out-of-pocket cost before you finalize your college list.
  • Acing that Interview – Never turn down the offer of an interview!  If you do, it looks as though you are not a serious applicant. Here are some tips to guide your experience.
  • Should Standardized Tests be the Standard? – Although some schools downplay the importance of standardized tests, there is no question that there are colleges that rely heavily on them in making admissions decisions.

October Newsletter 2017

Newsletter Topics


  • Choosing the “Right” Application – Here’s a rundown of the most commonly used college applications and information on how to choose the ones best for you.
  • Majoring in Psychology – Psychology is the second most popular major on US college campuses.  What can you do with a major in psychology and is this the right major for you?
  • It’s Time to Complete Financial Aid Forms – Oct. 1st marks the opening of the FAFSA application for students who will attend college in 2018-19.  Who should be completing the FAFSA and the CSS Profile and how do you do these?
  • Show Your Colleges Some Love More than 3/4 of all US colleges consider “demonstrated interest” in evaluating applicants.  How can you show your colleges that you’d really like to attend?

September Newsletter 2017

Newsletter Topics


  • Do Rankings Really Matter? – how can you compare colleges with different programs and cultures?  Here’s a look at the ways different ranking systems approach finding “the best”.
  • Majoring in Anthropology – students of anthropology develop cultural sensitivity and respect for diversity, both of which are in high demand in our global society.
  • Keeping College Application Costs in Check – applying to numerous colleges gets very expensive. Here are five ways families can keep college application costs under control.
  • Making the Most of Your High School Years – high school should be viewed as a chance to explore your interests.  Some ideas to be sure you’re maximizing opportunities during high school.
  • The Early Application Dilemma – students often feel pressured to apply early to avoid falling behind.  Is Early Decision or Early Action right for you?

June Newsletter 2017

Newsletter Topics

May Newsletter 2017

Newsletter Topics

  • What Keeps College Admission Officers Up at Night?:  Yes they actually worry about you.  Here’s a look from the other side so students who apply to a thoughtful, well-balanced list of colleges have an excellent chance of being admitted to multiple schools.
  • Majoring in Urban Planning: Want to make a difference?  Urban planners are a special type of professional who help design and implement programs that improve daily life for everyone in their communities.
  • Paying Your College Bill:  Choices & Opportunities? Two words you rarely think of when it comes to paying the college bill.  Families who find it difficult to write a single check to pay their child’s college bill will find a number of options to make the task more manageable.
  • Making the Most of Your Summer:  The annual list of ideas to make your summer productive.

April Newsletter 2017

Newsletter Topics

  • Social Media – Think Before You Post:  With about 40% of all admissions officers now visiting applicants’ social media pages, student need to be more careful than ever about what they post.
  • Majoring in Electrical Engineering: If you’ve always been fascinated by cutting-edge technologies, majoring in electrical engineering or electrical engineering technology may be a good choice.
  • Appealing for More Financial Aid:  Dream college still unaffordable? Individual financial aid officers are empowered to make adjustments, if they are deemed warranted. Here’s how you should proceed.
  • How Parents Can Help Seniors Handle Rejection:  Denials are inevitable in an atmosphere of  increasingly selective admissions, but there are tried and true techniques that parents can use to help their children deal with the inevitable.
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