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Recently, I had the opportunity to speak to more than 200 families on college financial aid at the AtlantaCares STEM event at Georgia Tech.

The last person scheduled, I had to follow a speaker that literally was a mix of Tony Robbins, Steve Harvey and Tyler Perry – he even had interactive props!  What can be learned is this…great information needs no props.  Our topic:  Free Money for College.

Understanding the three-legged stool of college planning can help your family save time, save money and most importantly be successful.  The core of the college success plan centers around helping you find the best college fit.  Following this recipe, your student should receive plenty of free money.

Finding the right fit = free money for college:

The core three items of FIT:

  1. Financial fit – families can overlook tremendous opportunities because they see the sticker price of a college without understanding the net cost.  In our blog, Financial Aid 101“, we outline how to find your financial fit.
  1. Academic fit – students may miss another great opportunity by not finding the right academic fit, costing themselves additional dollars. They also could miss scholarships or discounts from schools in which would be in the top 25 percent of the enrolling class.
  1. Social fit – research is conclusive that a student can tell you within 20 minutes on campus if they will be comfortable at that school.  Every year, I hear parents push for schools they think is the right fit for their children, even though the student is uncomfortable in that environment.  The social fit can save you thousands of dollars, so please do not underestimate its value.

See, when you are talking about free money you do not need props, you just need people who want to save money on college. These are just three of 27 ways we show families how to get free money for college. If you would like to hear about the other 24, or learn more about a specific topic Schedule a Free 30 Minute Call with me to discuss your situation.or register for a workshop.

Stuart Canzeri
Stuart is known as one on the industry experts in college funding and college financial planning. He serves as a registered fiduciary for his clients and has been in the financial and college planning arena for a combined 18 years. Stuart received a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from Tulane University, a MBA from Mercer University and completed his Certified Financial Planner certification from the University of Georgia’s Terry School of Business. He is Co-founder of Peachtree Financial Group, a boutique registered investment advisory firm and Managing Partner of Peachtree College Planning. He was appointed twice as a Commissioner at the Fulton County Housing Authority and still serves today.
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