College Planning Workshop 

FREE Workshops to Help You Find The Best Fitting Colleges at the Best Prices

What You'll Learn

1. How to select colleges that provide the best financial and merit aid packages

2. How to lower your out-of-pocket costs and double, or even triple your eligibility for FREE money for college

3. How to use 7 Key strategies from elite schools' admissions officers on how to get in

4. How to get "Uncle Sam" to pay for some of the college bill

5. How to pay for college without using expensive private loans, emptying out your retirement accounts, or relying on 529 plans

6. How to send your child to an expensive private school for less than what you would pay for a public one

7. How to calculate your family contribution — like how it is done by the Department of Education

8. How to help your student choose a major before college and why it is so important. It could save you $74,376

What You'll Receive

1. How to Visit College Checklist - Save Time & Money

2. How to Have the College Money Talk with Your Student - eBook

3. 121 Ways to Save on College Costs - Handout

4. 56 Things to Think About When Selecting a College


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