Find the Perfect College Experience
Be Able to Pay For It
We Make it Easy!
Find the Perfect College Experience
Be Able to Pay For It
We Make it Easy!

What Can Peachtree College Planning Do For You?

We make it easy to find the right social, academic and financial fit your your student and your family.

You can be assured, with our comprehensive turn-key process you won’t miss a step in this crazy process. We will be there for you.

A Comprehensive Program
From Research to Graduation

College Admissions

Get help preparing for tests, essays and interviews, to convey each student’s special qualities and potential.

FAFSA Review

Mistakes on the FAFSA can cost you thousands of dollars; our expert review diminishes those errors.

Personal Coach For Success

Students will have a personal guide who will help coach about school visits, applications, tests, essays and whatever else is needed.

Find the Right School

We help students find a school that the best academic, social and financial fit for their dreams and goals.

Identify Merit Aid

Many families don’t realize that quite a few schools give merit awards to students without consideration of their financial need.

College Funding Plan

Professional financial planners will help come up with a strategy that minimizes financial impact to your family.

Student Debt Can Be Overwhelming

Peachtree College Planning can help inform your family in order for you to make the best decisions possible.  Choosing the right school, with the maximum aide, and creating a plan to cover the costs will minimize the need for student debt. 

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